About Us

Little about us

Bloemfontein Practical Shooting Club (BPSC) is situated at the Bloemfontein Shooting Centre on the N6, about 18km south of Bloemfontein. BPSC has NRCS accreditation with approval number AZC/2004/131. BPSC is also a NHSA Friendly shooting range. BPSC welcomes novice shooters and equally represents shooters of all ages and abilities. 

At BPSC, the principles of practical shooting, along with procedures and rules for safe gun handling, are followed. The promotion of accuracy, power and speed as three equal elements is the prime objective of practical shooting.  The competitor must blend these three elements into a winning combination.  The discipline includes the use of multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty-carrying targets, partially covered targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics and any other relevant difficulties the course designer can dream up.  All of the above is combined to keep the competitors enthusiastic and the spectators entertained.

Chairman: Dr Wynand Nel
Vice-chairman: Mr Carl Talbot
Secretary: Me Amandy de Ridder
Chief Range Officer: Mr Lance Packwood
Treasurer: Mr Eben Booysen
Additional members: Mr Johan Hattingh and Mr Stephan Truter